There is an evolution going on. Presenting the world’s first skateboard including a pure layer of special glass. Light up your way at night and have a unique cruiser by day.

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Get the feeling of a brand new innovation in skateboarding.

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Be one of the very first people in the world who own a illuminating skateboard.

Pure unique shape and materials.

Futuristic shape and aerodynamic

Chosen materials combined with newest electric technology

Made with a never been done lighting layer of glass

Nightproof and save cruising

Glass and Wood –
Combined in pure beauty.

Not only special materials also best handmade craftment ist responsible for the look of our lumaboards. From picking the materials to putting them together, every step is highly prepared and done with pure passion.

Powering up skateboarding.

Wether day or night, a timeless beauty on your feet

Best micro electronics for longterm use and power

Shine your way through the streets with just a click

Integrated and reloadable battery

the most futuristic skateboard ever made.
Luma Board

Own one of the very first produced LUMA BOARDS! This first 100 Boards will be purely handmade and crafted by ourself!


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